With MedFormix®Vue, all ICD-10 codes are built into the system as well as a handy ICD-9 cross reference. We've done all the work for you. You'll be fully compliant the day you start using MedFormixVue.  We've taken the headache out of becoming compliant with ICD-10.


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ChartScore® Feature Stops Undercoding

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ChartScore® is our unique CPT scoring system which:

  • Informs the doctor of the visit level achieved during the exam itself 
  • Provides direction for elements that need to be included to bill at the next higher level
  • Helps capture lost or uncollected revenue
  • Avoids under-billing of office visits

For example, a visit that could be billed as a level 4 (99214) is often billed as a level 3 (99213) to be on the "safe" side. Some of our clients have increased their bottom line by thousands of dollars just through improving the accuracy of their billing!

ChartScore is built into MedFormixVue.


Since 1983, Crowell Systems has built a reputation for Practice Management Systems that operate with exceptional speed and performance. Our MedFormix®Vue system continues this tradition by providing the fastest system available with a new user-friendly visual display. Our system will not slow you down but instead will significantly increase YOUR practice's efficiency and profitability. We offer Server & Cloud-Based solutions.


With MedFormix®Vue, you have all of your patient's information at your fingertips. This allows your practice to streamline workflow. Our EHR software system will allow you update a patient's records instantly, generate referrals, order additional procedures or tests, prescribe medications, and generate a complete patient record with your electronic signature during the examination. And, it eliminates the need for transcription.


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