Entering patient data into MedFormix®'s electronic medical charts is easy and quick:

• Frequently used helps (individualized by the doctor) are always available in drop-down lists
• Longer blocks of pre-set text can be entered with a few keystrokes and customized to address specific patient

• A text-to-speech program may be used to enter information into the electronic chart.

This feature is especially useful when the doctor wants to provide detailed information about a diagnosis, treatment, medication, or patient education.


ChartScore®is our unique CPT scoring system which:

• Informs the doctor of the visit level achieved during the exam itself 

• Provides direction for elements that need to be included tobill at the next higher level

• Helps capture lost or uncollected revenue

• Avoids under-billing of office visits

For example, a visit that could be billed as a level 4 (99214) is often billed as a level 3 (99213) to be on the "safe" side. Some of our clients have increased their bottom line by thousands of dollars just through improving the accuracy of their billing!

Electronic Orders

Doctors often tell us of their frustration when a test or procedure such as a thyroid profile is not completed during a patient's visit. The reasons for such an omission can be many – faulty communication, staff workload, and patient's desire to leave. MedFormix®Vue completely eliminates this issue with our Electronic Orders tool. Orders may be tied to a specific visit type or entered by the doctor either before the visit (future orders) or during the visit itself. If an order is not completed and noted in the chart during the visit, the patient is blocked from checking out. Once an order is completed, it is automatically charged to the patient's account so there are no "lost" charges. In addition, practices can generate patient instruction sheets and detailed referral letters with just a few key strokes.

Our goal in building the Medical Menu in MedFormix®Vue has been to make individual electronic charts both logical and flexible. Using our electronic health record system speeds up data entry, allowing doctors and staff more time to interact with patients.

We know that most offices follow certain set procedures during any visit or exam; we also know that every practitioner has his/her own nuances and techniques. The Flex Chart provides each practice the opportunity to create customized medical charts that meet each practitioner's specific needs. Examples could include such charts as radiology reports, pathology / lab, or surgery documents.

Customizable Medical Chart:

Create Medical Charts That Meet The Specific Needs of Your Practice

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