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Vendor Name:  E.A. Crowell & Associates, Inc. dba Crowell Systems

Date Certified:  12/04/2014

Product Version:  Medformix​© v4 Criteria Certified:  170.314 (a)(1‐15); (b)(1‐5, 7); (c)(1‐3); (d)(1‐8); (e)(1‐3); (f)(1‐3); (g)(2‐4) Certification ID Number:  12042014‐2121‐3 Clinical Quality Measures Certified:  69v2; 122v2; 126v2; 127v2; 131v2; 138v2; 143v2; 146v2;147v2; 155v2; 163v2; 165v2; 167v2

​Additional Software Required: PopHealth, NewCropRx, PatientVue, Excel

Costs and Limitations

In support of enhanced marketplace transparency and visibility into the costs and performance of certified health IT products and services, and the business practices of health IT developers, Crowell Systems hereby attests that it will provide in a timely manner, in plain writing, and in a manner calculated to inform, any part (including all) of the information required to be disclosed under 45 CFR§ 170.523(K)(1) under the following circumstances:

  • To all persons who request such information.
  • To all persons who request or receive a quotation, estimate, description of services, or other assertion or information from Crowell Systems, in connection with any certified health IT or any capabilities thereof.
  • To all customers prior to providing or entering into any agreement to provide any certified health IT or related product or     service (including subsequent updates, add-ons, or additional products or services during the course of an on-going agreement.
This Complete EHR is 2014 compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.​

This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

This certified product-version may require ongoing monthly costs, (per physician, per month), to support online practice/patient services, (EHR software connectivity, support, and licensing). This includes the Medformix Patient Portal. The Patient Portal has the following capabilities: patient scheduling, CCDA, bidirectional communication. (170.314.e.1).

This certified product-version may require a one-time cost, per interface, to establish interfaces for reporting to immunization registries, and public health agencies (170.314.f.2, 170.314.f3). Support for integration of this certified product-version with other ONC certified systems may require additional one-time costs.

Summary care messages are sent by secure messaging. Registering for a direct messaging address is done by the Physician Provider or Practice. This method of communication uses secure certificates to verify identity of sender and receiver. Protected Health Information will be shared through this secure connection. Technical Limitations:  Only registered providers can send and receive these secure messages. Use of a different HISP/HIE is not possible through this system.

If the customer requests that our certified product version will be integrated with a third party ONC certified system, then a one-time cost may be triggered. Generally, if technical support is required for third party integration, then a one-time fee would be incurred per integration. Support and integration would be limited to the technical capabilities of Crowell Systems certified product-version only. Third Party systems limitations would be supported by said party.


If a Provider would like to access NewCropRx through Medformix software, they can add this in through Crowell Systems. NewCropRx charges a monthly ongoing fee for access to their services:

  • Drug-drug and drug-allergy check (170.314(a)(2)) - Interventions are automatically processed and indicate to user any drug-drug or drug-allergy contraindications based on a patient's medication list and/or medication allergy list.
  • Drug formulary check (170.314(a)(10)) - Users are able to check if drugs are in a formulary or a preferred drug list.
  • Receive, Display, Incorporate Summary Record (170.314(b)(1)) - An electronic patient record is able to be received, shown, and imported into a patient record from an external source.
  • Create and Transmit Summary Care Record (170.314(b)(2)) - An electronic patient record is able to be generated and sent to an external source.
  • E-Prescribing (170.314(b)(3)) - Provider is able to enter, record, and transmit patient prescriptions to pharmacy electronically.
  • View, Download, Transmit to 3rd Party (170.314(e)(1)) - Ability to provide patients and their authorized representatives with an online means to obtain electronic patient record.
  • Secure Messaging (170.314(e)(3)) - Ability to send secure communications between providers and/or between provider and patient.

All ePrescription services (including drug/drug and drug-allergy checks) are required in the Eligible Physician's practice; NewCrop must be licensed per provider.

Change Healthcare (Emdeon):

If a Provider would like to access Change Healthcare (Emdeon) through the Medformix software, they can add this in through Crowell Systems. Change Healthcare (Emdeon) charges a per click fee per claim for access to these services:

  • Electronic filling of insurance claims. 

Lab Corp:

If a Provider would like to access Lab Corp through the Medformix software, they can add this in through Crowell Systems. Lab Corp charges per test for access to these services:

  • Transmittal and receipt of Lab testing.

Third party system integration is always dependent upon technical review of compatibility.