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Medformix® XXV is an ideal solution for the practice that requires the very highest system speed possible and has a technology friendly staff.

MedFormix®Vue utilizes the same architecture as XXV but integrates a Microsoft interface to offer a Windows environment.  Both systems offer the highest speeds possible.

Medical Chart

Medformix® XXV provides users with both standard medical chart functions and the ability to create customized charts that reflect the way the provider practices. Exam information is fast and accurate. In addition, the EHR module integrates data that is entered and populates it throughout the system as appropriate. An integrated scoring tool allows the doctor to code each patient visit accurately to avoid under- or over-billing. E-prescribing, KoKo Spirometry, charting, image capture and billing are all seamlessly integrated.

• Enables provider to enter data quickly and 

  accurately using any of five different methods
• Creates a marker beside any field that has data

  entered into it
• Provides quick links to skin test results, shot review,

  lab tests review, and antigen master screen
• Integrates all medical data, e-prescribing, and 

  images into patient chart
• Bills patient account automatically when skin test and

  shots are completed

Medformix® XXV features insurpassable speed and efficiency.  Based on extremely stable Linux architecture, the system is easily managed with a few keystrokes.   Medformix XXV has served medical practices nationwide with award-winning performance since 2008.

Practice Traffic Controller

The Practice Traffic Controller in Medformix® XXV displays a real-time picture of every patient in the office, what room they’re in and what stage of the exam they’re experiencing. This feature creates a more efficient and profitable traffic flow through the office.

• Allows doctors and staff to see the visit type, the

  doctor being seen, the sequence in which they

  arrived and any open orders or skin tests needing

• Indicates the number of patients who are waiting to

  receive shots
• Can be adjusted to show a only a particular doctor’s

  patients or only those patients who are in the office

  for a specific type of visit (i.e. follow-up spirometry
• Provides a shortcut to quickly review a patient’s


Patient Information

The Patient Information screens in Medformix® XXV provide easily-accessible demographic detail about a patient. They serve as a hub which connects to all other parts of the system.

• Allows for data entry using any of five fast methods
• Enables practice to designate where data entry is

  required and where it is optional
• Provides one-click navigation to all other

  demographic screens
• Links to other parts of the system through  shortcuts
• Displays patient photo and date of last exam

Medformix​® XXV:

High Speed Linux-Based Practice Management and EHR