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vision plan authorizations, and electronic remittance advice (ERA's). MedFormix® Vue handles all kinds of practices with ease – from a single practitioner at a single site to a multi-doctor, multi-site practice.

Optical Module

Creating a glasses order in MedFormix®Vue usually begins with frame selection. Because we have integrated the Frames Data (aka Frame Facts) database into our system, the user can quickly access all the details and specifications for a specific frame, add the proper lenses and enhancements, and either process or hold the order. The price of the glasses is automatically calculated, and patients can see their personal "pro-forma" expense after insurance has paid its portion. In addition, maintaining frame inventory is a breeze. Sending, receiving and dispensing the order are all tracked in Medformix®, so no orders slip through the cracks.

Contact Lens

The contact lens module has all the tools necessary for successful fitting. Each lens a patient tries on or has worn in the past is catalogued for future use; the doctor can see at a glance what has and hasn't worked. As a lens is tried on, there is ample space for comment about comfort, fit and effectiveness. In addition, lenses are identified as trials or finals and as dispensed or ordered. Lens inventory can be managed either by actual count or by make and type for those practices who only keep a limited number of lenses on hand.

Lab Tracking (Optional)

The optional lab-tracking module in MedFormix®Vue is especially useful for those practices having in-house labs. The program tracks each job throughout the manufacturing process so that its status and the staff member who is working on it are accessible on screen. This module also provides individual job costing and maintains inventory of finished and unfinished lens blanks. Lab tracking enables the in-house lab to pinpoint the source of any problem or error in the lab process.

If your practice is looking for speed and flexibilty in a practice management and EHR systems, Crowell Systems has the answer you are looking for.

The MedFormix®Vue Ophthalmic System empower doctors and their staff to invest their energy in providing superior patient care rather than in managing the day-to-day details of running the office. Our systems are the fastest on the market, which allow practices to see more patients without sacrificing quality of care.

We partner with doctors to ensure that our technology supports their professional goals and conforms to how they practice. Our Ophthalmic system includes a fully integrated Practice Management, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Billing, and Optical suite, which provide a thorough and intuitive solution for ophthalmic healthcare practitioners. In addition, our ophthalmic clients have immediate access to e-prescribing, insurance benefit inquiries,

Ophthalmic Practice Management & EHR:

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