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Because we see our role as empowering doctors to serve their patients in exactly the way they want, we provide them with the ability to design and organize their own electronic medical charts, if they so choose. These customized charts are not orphans; they integrate seamlessly with every other element of Medformix!

Doctors have the opportunity to set up as many different immunization schedules as desired or needed.  Each schedule will contain the name of the drug, the expiration date, the age of the child,  when it is to be administered, the frequency with which it is given, and the charge code used for billing.

As the nurse administers the vaccines or injections, the system records each one and bills it automatically.

In addition, the system sets up the interval for the next dose.  MedFormix® Vue can also send reminders to parents if they have not brought their child in within the required time limit.

All immunizations are recorded and can be viewed

on the screen or can be printed.


The data for the baby graphs is populated with
the data from the vitals screen.  There is a growth
chart for a boy and a girl that can be viewed on
the screen or printed.

MedFormix®Vue is a unique practice management and EMR system in that it has the flexibility and feature-set to work seamlessly in the pediatric practice.  Unique charting tools allow the doctor to have the chart reflect exactly how he or she practices. Tracking the patient’s health is recorded in unique tools which can be displayed and accessed in chart notes, growth charts, and detailed exam results – all entered quickly and precisely. Create more time for patient care and make more money doing what you love using Medformix® from Crowell Systems, a leader in PM/EHR software since 1983.  Our system is lightning fast allowing Pediatricians to see more patients in the work day.

Pediatrics Practice Management & EHR:

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