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Our goal has always been to provide our doctors with everything they need to run an efficient and effective practice. The day-to-day details should run in the background and stay in the background. With MedFormix® Vue, practice management takes care of itself and does not demand a disproportionate amount of the doctor's time. Less time in daily office detail means more time with patients, and that's a good result.

Medformix® has the flexibility and feature-set to work with virtually any medical specialty.

Practice Management Software Features

• Drummond® 2011-2014 certified system

• Approved for “Meaningful Use”

• Cloud-based or Server-based computing system

• Workflow Management

• Patient/Insurance billing

• Patient/Resource scheduling

• Multi-provider scheduling views

• Electronic billing

• Electronic insurance eligibility checks

• Patient marketing letters

• Referral letters

• Automatic remittance

• Advanced accounts receivables management

• EHR integration

Practice Automation

The total automation of the front and back offices will drastically cut down on labor costs. Scheduling, super-bill creation and management, document creation and usage are all integrated into Medformix® and will save your office hours each day creating efficiency and increased profitability.

We realize that "Practice Management" covers a lot of ground and may mean different things to different people. Our definition covers:

• Complete and easily-accessed documentation of patient

  demographics (including patient picture, insurance coverage,

  family linking, and other information)

• Powerful scheduling and appointment tracking tools (including the

  option for online appointment making)

• Integrated recall, follow up and marketing tools

• Electronic authorizations, insurance filing, benefit inquiries, and

  ERA posting

• Complete, secure daily data backup as a core element of our

  commitment to our clients' success

Medical Practice Management:

The Flexibilty And Features To Make Any Practice More Efficient