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Pediatrics EHR

MedformixVUE charting is extremely fast and flexible and often increases office patient flow. An Immunization Module and baby graphs are integrated.

Internal Medicine EHR

Completing a patient chart in MedformixVUE is easy and accurate. Both versions integrate all elements of the EHR into a coherent, unified whole.

Allergy & Immunology EHR

In 1989, we were the first company in America to design a complete practice management software program uniquely designed for allergy practices.

Ophthalmic EHR

The MedformixVUE Ophthalmic EHR Systems empower doctors and their staff to invest their energy in providing superior patient care.

MedFormix®empowers doctors with all the options and tools necessary to run an outstanding practice and provide superb patient care. The system's organization and flow are intuitive and logical; data entry is flexible and fast. Both versions of the system allow you to modify and customize  format so that you and your staff gain fluency in the use of Medformix® and are comfortable with its reliability. We have the ability to create the custom (or "flex") charts that a client needs to replicate the specialized paper charts now being used.

Regardless of your practice focus or specialty,  Medformix® addresses all your needs and desires in a medical software program. Coupled with our outstanding and personalized technical support and training, your choice of a new system just got a lot easier!


Medformix VUE is our exciting new system interface with a display you will love.  See what it can do to make your practice fast, efficient and significantly more profitable.

Practice Management

With Medformix, Practice Management is easy and intuitive and does not demand a disproportionate amount of the doctor's time.

ICD-10 Compliance

With MedformixVue ICD-10 is easily integrated into your practice.  And we have an easy to use ICD-9 cross reference built into our system

Customized Medical Chart

The Customized Medical Chart (Flex Chart) provides each practice with the opportunity to create customized medical charts that meet their specific needs.

MedFormix:The Perfect Solution For All Medical Specialties