I've been with Crowell for 19 years. We just upgraded to the newest Medformix version of their software and I couldn't be happier. I've looked at other EHR software and nothing comes close to its capabilities.

Mark O. Greer, OD

Greer Family Eye Care Center

Oak Ridge, TN


Barry McNamara, OD

EyeCare Plus

Prattville, AL


Having implemented Electronic Medical Records over sixteen years ago I am often asked by my colleagues what should they look for in a considering such a system. I know that this is a very challenging task for anyone to undertake. The phrase "You don't know what you don't know" applies here. I believe it is impossible to get the decision making information you need by simply reading about systems, talking to colleagues and vendors, or attending meetings. This is a big decision. You should see the system in action. Visit a colleague's office. Spend at least a day observing how seamlessly and efficiently it fits into the practice. Talk to the staff. This will allow you to compare systems in a real world setting. The time to find out how these work is before you buy.

Medformix® integrates with my office in a way that really must be seen to be truly appreciated. The Patient Traffic Controller tells me where a patient is, who they are with, their appointment and arrival time, and if they are ready for me. This unique part of Medformix® must be seen to be appreciated. Data input is extremely fast and efficient whether it is done by the doctor or a scribe. Training new staff is very easy. There are several ways that can be used to input data. New staff learn very quickly the available mouse option is not the most efficient way to complete a patient's record. Medformix® gives you several, more efficient, additional options.

Sandy Boehme

Former Office Manager

Working with Medformix® software makes daily life quick and efficient. From accessing patient information, scheduling, processing glasses and contact lens orders, posting payments and insurance checks to sending electronic remittances is easy and convenient. You will be amazed by the things you can do with the click of the mouse in this system. 

Support from the staff at Crowell is by far the best I've ever worked with--always just a phone call away.
I see 4 to 5 more full exams per day with Medformix® XXV. Paper is much slower.  We made the change over 6 years ago to electronic medical records. We visited several sites using Compulink, Maximeyes, and Medformix®. Decided to go with Medformix® for several reasons:

1. Linux servers are very secure and stable

2. We have 2 locations and Medformix reduces the cost of linking the 2 offices

3. We wanted something that had a good track record for going all paperless

4. Software auto charges out a job as it is entered and ordered - no more forgotten charges

​I am very glad we made the change. I would never go back to paper.

Chris Calaway, OD

NEOVision Group

Barberton, OH



We have used the Crowell Opthalmic System since 1991. The system is terrific!

The database management of the system allows us to type a patient’s name and demographic information one time.  The system can then allow us to file insurance claims, retrieve marketing data schedule appointments, and do billing with no re-entry of data.

The system is logical and efficient. By entering the zipcode into the patient’s demographic information, the city and state automatically fill in, saving hundreds of key strokes per day.
The marketing program allows us to select patients based on age, last visit, type of contact lens worn, employer, insurance plan, or diagnosis. We can then tailor a letter to these patients and send a personalized letter to them regarding new contact lens or spectacle options, LASIK or a change with their insurance company.

The medical records program will allow us to go paperless truly. The system will allow us to scan insurance cards, input photos and visual fields results, write Rx’s and even sign my name. I am looking forward to this upgrade.

When you’re dealing with the people at Crowell System, you’re usually dealing with a family member. It’s a family-owned business, just like most of our practices. And then still provide Tech Support when needed.

It’s hard to imagine practicing without the Crowell System; it has become an important tool of our practice.

Mary Owens

Vision Institute of Michigan

Sterling Heights, Michigan

August 24, 2015

Ed Crowell,

I just wanted to thank you for setting up our quick list on the ICD10. We had a training session 

with a consultant. I was able to discuss and show our doctors how "great" it was!!! They were impressed.

James W Bedsole, OD

Pell City, Alabama

Jeffrey A Myers, OD, FAAO

Winchester Vision Care

Crowell Systems is being proactive with ICD-10. The Crosswalk provisions should make this significant task much more manageable for me and my staff.  The interface appears easy to use and provides flexibility for individual use.

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